Welcoming Note

As you know, the process of reforming and liberalizing energy markets is taking place  intensively in the country. This was preceded by the harmonization of legislation, which in turn was related to the implementation of European legislation in the national legislation and the introduction of modern tools for trade in energy products. A critical moment of the mentioned process is raising the knowledge and awareness of market participants, including suppliers of products and services, and consumers, for which the Georgian National Energy and Water Supply Regulatory Commission  established the "Elizbar Eristavi Energy Training Center", whose functions, in addition to the above, include raising public awareness in general, especially in terms of increasing the country's energy security, for which the most important prerequisite is large-scale investments in generation units and network infrastructure, which is also the most important component for the functioning of a liquid liberalized market.

In order to achieve the set goals, the Center plans large-scale researches, public lectures, trainings, master classes and other types of activities for the media, public organizations, students and academic staff of secondary and higher education institutions, regulatory and regulated companies' new-comers, high and middle level personnel, startup businessmen. The main principle of the measures is the removal of language barriers, gender equality and consideration of the rights of national minorities.


The Energy Training Center is organized and managed by the board, which consists of five members. On behalf of the organizing group, we welcome you and look forward to fruitful cooperation with you.

Director of the Elizbar Eristavi Energy Training Center, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor

Nugzar Beridze

Our Team Structure
Ketevan Berikashvili
Eleonora Lagvilava
Salome Janelidze
Mariam Ioseliani
Temur Tordinava
Ramaz Nanikashvili