Nikoloz Sumbadze

Director of GNERC's Market Monitoring Department

Mr. Nikoloz Sumbadze has been working in GNERC since 2014. At various times, he worked as an adviser on energy market issues and as an economic analyst in the USAID energy projects HPEP and HIPP, as an energy policy expert in the UNDP energy project.

Mr. Sumbadze participated in the development of the national action plan for the use of renewable energies for Georgia.

Mr. Nikoloz Sumbadze is the co-founder of the " Association of Young Professionals in Energy of Georgia" and a member of the Energy Community's wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT) working group;

Mr. Nikoloz Sumbadze is currently a PhD student at Tbilisi State University, his research topic concerns the policy of energy economy in Georgia. He studied economics at Graceland University in the USA within the framework of UGRAD exchange programs, and graduated from Tbilisi State University International School of Economics (ISET) in the field of energy economics. He has a master's degree in economics.