The "Energy Media Club" project has been implemented since 2014. The project is based on the best practices shared by GNERC under the USAID "Partnership Program" from projects of the Public Utilities Agency of the State of Kentucky, USA.

After the establishment of the Elizbar Eristavi Energy Training Center, the project is implemented under the Training Center's umbrella. The main goal of the project is to raise the level of knowledge of media representatives on the topics of energy and water supply, to constantly inform them about the ongoing issues. In the "Energy Media Club" trainings are held by GNERC representatives, as well as invited guests heads of different having appropriate competence..

Due to the popularity and relevance of the project format, before the establishment of the Training Center, representatives of other professions also underwent trainings within the project along with media representatives. To date, 765 people have received trainings within the framework of the project.

The training course is intended for representatives of various professionscovering different topics  such as energy and water supply, energy policy, the activities of organizations operating in the energy sector, regulation of the quality of electricity, natural gas and drinking water services, protection of consumer rights. The course is tailored both for persons directly employed in the energy and water supply sectors, as well as for persons who have an interest and/or business connection with the issues to be studied within the framework of the Training Center.